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Whether you want puns, mockeries of the vicious nature, or safety tools, here's your one stop shop for TTRPGs (Molly's Version) 

Do you want to play d&d 5e with me?

I'll be running free, 3 hour D&D 5e one shots every Wednesday starting at 8 pm ET. 

You are...

  • playing a character between levels 3 and 5 (homebrew allowed if approved by me)

  • willing to use the provided safety tools

  • able to join the Discord to play

I will...

  • provide a safe place for all players

  • help newbie players with character creation and rule learning

  • run a session with a mix of role-play and combat

Safety tools to be used: lines and veils, content warnings, X cards, "wait a minute"

Please check information in the discord channel for house rules and safety tools. 

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