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Roll for Dungeon: 12 MIMICS, 1 ROOM

You heard that right. 12 mimics in 1 room.

Part 1 of Roll for Dungeon, inspired by Adventures in Aardia's Roll for Sandwich.

Greed is a bottomless pit, good thing your adventurer's pack has a rope.

Artificers are known for pushing the boundaries, but progress comes with a price. Who will pay it? The creator or the unlucky party with sticky fingers?

Years after local artificer disappeared, her nephew discovers a hidden passage in her cellar. Beneath the earth, where it smells of mildew and blackpowder, is another door he dares not enter, not until a brave band of adventurers accompanies him. While he fears what his aunt had created, a weapon she described as changing war as they know it, he is much more terrified of the lengths she went to keep it from others.

The one-shot adventure download includes:

  • Dungeon map

  • DM eyes only PDF one shot explanation

  • Homebrewed monster stat blocks

Roll for Dungeon 12 mimics
Download ZIP • 11.70MB

Roll for Dungeon themes change each time. Have a theme you want a dungeon made out of, head to the latest Roll for Dungeon tiktok (linked above) to comment your idea!

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