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About the Author

Molly discovered her love for fantasy worlds and writing early in life. The stack of notebooks of her stories from middle and high school are still in the closet of her childhood bedroom at her parent’s home.She enjoys writing fantasy set in secondary worlds teeming with magic, strong female protagonists, and dragons.When she’s not writing, she enjoys soccer, Dungeons & Dragons, and working as a public health consultant, specializing in mass vaccine campaigns. If you see her at a Ren Fest or Comic Con, you can bet she’s in some costume. Follow on Twitter for thoughts shouted into the Twitter void and Tik Tok for videos on books, writing, and D&D.


What does Molly write?
She loves to write about secondary worlds and fantastical creatures, especially dragons. Her current works make up for the lack of dragons with dueling magic systems and a daring female protagonists like the ones she used to look up to as a child. Soon, she'd love to write an epic fantasy or try sci-fi.
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