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About Molly

Fantasy Author | TTRPG Enthusiast | Bibliophile

Molly discovered her love for fantasy worlds and storytelling early in life. When not writing about magical worlds, strong female protagonists, and dragons, she can be found playing soccer, reading, playing TTRPGs, or at her day job as a global health consultant. 

Follow her Tik Tok and instagram for videos on books, writing, and D&D.

The Revenant's Bargain

Kacela, the ward of the Royal Commander, knows that to get revenge on her mother’s murderers and earn her magic, she’ll have to scheme her way into the coming-of-age bloodbath. As the first woman in a thousand years to enter, her victory would create a bastion for equality. But not dying a nameless heretic is only the start, and even if she earns her magic, it may not be enough to stop the war eons in the making from destroying the realm and everyone in it she loves.

Molly's debut novel, released 12/14/2022, is available online where books are sold.

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